Do you feel tired a lot? Have you started eating healthier and exercising, feel more energetic but there still seems to be some residual tiredness sticking around. That was me not too long ago. My body was in good shape, so I guess it must have been something else?

I started going for yoga, and begin to understand the concepts of thoughts & focus. I thought I was a positive thinker already, but I had a long way to go folks. I begin to notice points of my day where I was dropping energy, and I realized I had developed some unconscious ‘auto-thoughts’ in my daily life. I just couldn’t see them. As soon as I did, I instantly begin to replace them with a personal solution – positive thoughts, and my energy levels lifted.

I’ve listed 5 ‘auto-thoughts’ below, any sound familiar to you? Quickly catch that thought and replace it with something positive now!

1. The “Another Crazy Busy Day in My Life” thought

Yes, it’s another crazy day, and I have so many things to do. Right at that moment, stop your internal banter, ask yourself if you’re relishing the activities ahead, or if you are complaining! If there is an ounce of complaining, then you’re throwing energy away. Stop your mind on focusing on the end of each activity of the day and start focusing on the day’s journey till it ends. See if you find out anything new & positive about yourself. I discovered that despite being in a highly competitive environment, I actually enjoyed being part of a team, how can I make us work better?

My Personal Solution: Learn something new about yourself from your crazy busy day, it might lead you to the you that shines above the rest.

2. The ‘I am going to work today, because I need to make money’ thought

This one comes in many forms. The “Need to provide for my kids, if I didn’t work I would not have the “lifestyle” I love, and the list goes on. You’re just wasting precious energy. Stop that one too. Think instead about the desires work fulfills for you everyday. The kinship, the chance to be better than you were yesterday, heck, even the compliment on your new hairdo, I don’t know about you, but it makes me feel great, lie harder my dear colleagues!

My Personal Solution: Yes, I will grow at work today, not just my bank account.

3. The ‘Its not my problem’ thought

Our company has made a loss again, was nothing to do with me, I did my job. My bonus is at stake. What about my Brazilian 3 week escapade? No!!! Reveal your inner hero right there, by stopping the downward trend in thoughts around you, show others that this loss gives everyone a chance to push ourselves even harder, work better as a team and find even more innovative ways to shine, maybe its time to share that crazy idea with Mrs. CEO, maybe its time she hears our ideas. Let’s start with our manager!

My Personal Solution: Mrs. CEO, the show is not over yet, let’s try something different.

4. The ‘Why can’t they do this or that better’ thought

These lifts never function, how come I was the last to know, and the new software is such a pain! The smallest thing seems to be bothering you and it appears to be the companies or someone’s fault. As we all know, for any change to take place, there needs to be a wave of positive energy. As soon as you come across something that appears to be someone/something else’s fault, recognise that it is an energy zapper eating up your energy. Instead of complaining about it, right at that moment, remind yourself that you are better than that.

My Personal Solution: What can I do to never allow that silly thing to zap my energy again…it’s beneath me!

5. The ‘Never Again’ thought

You tried really hard at something, but somehow you think you still came out rubbish. You tried again, this time the result is worse! How come that dude is so good at this stuff? Hold it! So what if it’s rubbish? The best part about living in an imperfect world is that it allows you to discover yourself, the perfect you in an imperfect world. Start slicing and dicing your experience, you can talk about your “rubbishness”, you can blog about it, you can make it your FaceBooks biggest goof ever, might go viral! Keep going until you’re laughing at your “rubbishness”.

My Personal Solution: Until you are laughing at yourself for “apparently” being “rubbish” at something, you never really tried it

Find that thought that’s zapping your energy, then, find your personal solution. It feels great to have done almost nothing, but have gained all this energy, highest ROI ever!

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