Tatvamasi – A Sanskrit Word meaning “You are what you are seeking”



About Me Varin Gill

Who is Varin Gill?

I thrive on bringing women back to experiencing their authentic selves through reconnecting with their emotions, their bodies and their sexuality.

I was once a workaholic with an awesome job as a Finance Leader and part of the Leadership Team in an FTSE-100 Company. And I put everything and everyone else first. I had no idea why I felt empty despite having a great job, a fancy car and a beautiful home in a fancy neighbourhood. I had created a life that looked great on the outside for everyone else but I was unhappy on the inside. What I had was giving me security but no joy. And then I discovered why. I had pursued my logical, results-driven masculine side, but I had lost my intuitive, emotional and wild feminine side.

I left the security of my awesome job in the Leadership Team in a FTSE-100 Company. I took 6 months off and in this time I became a a yoga teacher, a women’s circle facilitator, a diver, a tarot card reader, an Egyptian energy healer, learnt farming, took acting classes and made the financials work. It was with shamanic drumming and singing that I begun to feel a deep wound in my body. It was wanting to be heard and expressed. I continued doing this for weeks until one day I felt this wound so deep. I screamed and celebrated the tears of finally confronting the pain of an almost timeless wound of the suppression of the wild feminine.

And there begin my journey with Shakti and my spiritual guides Mother Mary and Joseph of Arimathea, twin flames and bearers of Christ consciousness.

What inspires Varin to do this?

There was a time when women were the Earth’s connection to the natural universe, and all that she manifested was aligned to herself, her emotions and the universe. Overtime, the powers that be spread scarcity consciousness removing this role and reducing her to a commodity. As she rises now, she may be economically empowered but to feel fully whole again, her inner universe and the outer universe are still missing alignment. Varin strives to bring this energy back into the life of every woman she meets.

How does Alignment with the Universe empower you?

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein

The universe is an electromagnetic stream of energy constantly interacting with us. We miss the signs and the directions it gives us towards our most magickal life when we are out of alignment with the energetic vibration of the universe. This happens when we are disconnected from the

1. flow of energy through our emotions

2. communication mechanism of our body

3. powerful force of sexual energy that is suppressed by focusing on sex as a result instead of an open ended experience.

By realigning with these 3 energies, we are once again united with our authentic selves.

In short, every woman is a queen, waiting to sit on her throne of inner joy as guided by the abundance of the universe. She is truly a miracle, as created to be by the creators of humanity.


Dear Varin, my heartfelt gratitude for the womb cleansing session you held for me. I have nvr experienced anythin’ so powerful! Truth be told, it has created an entirely NEW BEGINNING in my spiritual path, connecting me with Goddess Kali & reducing co-dependency on others. I have been experiencin’ lots of clarity & freedom from things that no longer serve me since then. No more strange sensations or repeated UTI symptoms tht i was experiencing early this year too. Tq so much for being my holistic “doc” to cure me! Lots of love
S. S, Analyst
Dear Varin, the healing session was very profound and I am really feeling the differrence in many aspects. It has truly opened up and activated even my heart chakra. Online experience feedback: I must say, regardless of it being online, I really was able to experience the healing. It was in the comfort of my own home.The audio and all was good, we had clear communication. I would and have recommended it to my friends to consider
G.I.S, Project Manager
Dear Varin, I would like to share with you about your session “Healing the Father Wound” After sun session, yesterday my dad called me.He has never ever spend money on me before. In S… I had my favourite piece of bracelet and chain pawned and all this while my mum has been renewing it for me. Yesterday my dad called me to say he will take my gold out, so he paid $1000 today to get my gold out! Amazingggg!!!
K.K. Chef

What I Do?


for any of the following

Corporate Work

Previous clients include Mindshare, P&G and Novartis.

Corporate Women’s Circles

1. Bespoke Corporate Wellness Session

Varin combines her extensive management and wellness background to create a solution based experience. Her background in managing large teams when she was a Business Operations executive to now teaching yoga, sound healing, women’s empowerment, people empowerment and self-awareness, allows for targeted sessions. Contact her for a fun and empowering wellness session. Varin has 18 years of corporate experience in multinational corporations, when she lead a team of 30 people in an FTSE 100 company.

Corporate Women’s Circles

2. Corporate Women’s Circles

A woman’s circle is simply a group of women sitting in a circle and expressing themselves. This is an age old tradition practised to voice the emotions that are holding back a sense of mutual compassion towards goals and productivity. It is especially helpful when there are a few new team members to build immediate connection to deliver results. Varin has 18 years of corporate experience in multinational corporations, when she lead a team of 30 people in an FTSE 100 company. This time has allowed her to create women’s circles for teambuilding and to empower women in a company to master and lead with their emotional selves to deliver results.

Personal Sessions

Personal “Womb Goddess “Hour

1. Personal Womb Healing Hour

A woman’s womb is an in-built portal of creativity she is born with. It is not just a portal for a new human body to take birth, it is a portal to birth all that is aligned to her energetic blueprint with the universe. However for most women, this space is laden with grief, anger and disappointment from past lovers. Even if she appears to be economically empowered, from time to time she will wonder why she keeps attracting the same lovers or “abundance vibration”. The womb determines your aligned abundant self. Allow Sumeria Varin Gill to connect with your womb space and bring to light and wounding and limited beliefs that you are meant to relieve during this lifetime on earth.

Rise Above the Wounding of Your Mother, Father and the Past

2. Rise Above the Wounding of Your Mother, Father and the Past

The womb represents our family, for it is here that we are created and so is our ancestral heritage. However many of us inherit ancestral trauma that is evident in our lives as lack of communication, dominant parents, inability to love ourselves and so much more. Sumeria Varin Gill has created 2 special programs, each focused on our Mother and Father, that looks at the deeper aspects of this to free your womb from this wounding. Highly recommended especially if you have difficulty manifesting what you truly desire.

These sessions helped me become more understanding to the people around me especially the ones I am closest with emotionally and even with people at work. There were a lot of tears during the session because I had no idea how much effort and pain it took to hold myself throughout these years and I thought I was very good at it. But the toll it took on me on different levels was also intense. I just didn’t know what it was and why it is there and how I can overcome it. I am counting my many blessings to have found a place where I can heal so much. Thank you for what you do.

E.C. Corporate Climber
You, and Your Wild, Juicy Sexuality

3. You, and Your Wild, Juicy Sexuality

Do you ever wonder why you feel restricted or overly concerned about what someone thinks of you? The answer is sitting in your sexual self. This session, in a group or individual is designed to go deep into your sexual psyche and unearth it’s true dymanic. The last 5,000 years has made sexuality a tool for manipulation and a currency to obtain what we want. So much perversion exists in this space that prevents many of us from becoming aware of this energy. The Egyptians referred to sexual energy as “Sekhem”, our natural life force, the Indians called it “Kundalini”. Available privately or as a group.

Corporate Women’s Circles

4. Tarot and Astrology

This is Sumeria Varin Gill’s oldest offering. Having read tarot cards for over 15 years now, Varin now provides in depth readings that combine tarot, your astrology birth chart and your karmic contracts to identify the deepest cause of your limited beliefs and your lessons in this life. Especially for those seeking their next steps when they are being nudged to make significant changes in their life.

Contact Me

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