Tatvamasi – A Sanskrit Word meaning “You are what you are seeking”



If I were to describe what I do now in an elevator pitch, I would say

“I help you develop self-awareness. The more aware you are of yourself, your feelings and what drives you, the closer you are to choosing a life that really gives you joy.”

What is Self-Awareness and Why do I Need it

Self- Awareness is a state of being truly honest with yourself. When you begin to accept and see who you are, you begin to connect with your life essence and you begin to operate using the energy of your life essence, which is otherwise locked away. The more self-aware you are, the more intuitive you are and the better decisions you will make towards fulfilling your actual goals.

How becoming Self-Aware helped me?

There was a time I was a workaholic. I put everything and everyone else first. I had no idea why I felt empty despite having a great job, a fancy car and a beautiful home in a fancy neighborhood. I had created a life that looked great on the outside for everyone else but I was unhappy on the inside. I had very little understanding of what gave me real joy. All that I had was giving me security but no joy. And then I discovered why.  I was out of balance. I had pursued my logical, results-driven masculine side, but I had lost my intuitive, emotional and playful feminine side.

I left the security of my awesome job as Finance Leader and part of the Leadership Team in an FTSE-100 Company. I became a Mindfulness junkie, a yoga teacher, a writer, a speaker, a women’s circle facilitator, a meditator, a constant traveller, a diver, a tarot card reader, a shamanic drummer, an Egyptian energy healer, a crystal bracelet maker, a fitness addict, an essential oils enthusiast, took acting classes and made the financials work. I did all this to learn how to make a ton of mistakes, train my brain to play without needing an end result and to begin to really listen to how I feel.

With the network, joy, and knowledge acquired on this journey, I began helping and inspiring my friends to discover how life could be so much lighter if you allow yourself to become aware of how you feel and follow the path of your own joy. My friends made me realize that I have something to offer others in a similar space.

You do not have to learn and do all the things I did. You just need to become self-aware, develop your intuitive skills, begin to listen to yourself and take action inspired by that new space within you.


Varin is my personal coach and spiritual guide. She helped me to navigate a hard life situation and use it as a stimuli for personal growth. She introduced me to mindfulness with simple tools such as breathing, aromatherapy, diary, visualization. I managed to better connect with my inner self, clarify my life objectives and grow my strength under her guidance. She is a very inspiring, well connected and positive person. She will always have a special place as my first guide to happier, more full-filled life with positive impact.
Martina Daniel , Corporate CMK Manager, Procter & Gamble
Varin has coached me through some personal and job related changes. She is incredibly professional and has a strong ability to grasp situations fast while always guiding the individual throught the journey the person has to take on. She has strong business accumen and understands the root-cause of professional and emotional aspects and how they are interconnected
Amra Demirovic, Senior HR Business Partner Europe, Novartis



for any of the following

Personal Self-Awareness Booster

I chose a career that made everyone else around me happy instead of doing something I really wanted to do. I was a people pleaser. It is a lethal place to be because when you hit your goals you still feel empty. After all, they were not your goals. Eventually, I found my way back to a place of real fulfillment and lasting joy and the financial means of making this happen. If this is you, or you feel misplaced where you are, you may want to have a couple of one-to-one sessions to discover your route to truly loving yourself.

Group Self-Awareness Booster

This is a tailored interactive session. It is designed to allow each individual to achieve a heightened sense of self-awareness. Some can listen whilst others can participate. It usually consists of a short meditation followed by more fun physical activity depending on the theme chosen. It’s great for just women, men, couples, children and extended families during special occasions. Attendees will go away with a simple plan of how to better connect with themselves to discover and feel more self-aware.

Corporate Self-Awareness Event

The world we live in feels like we constantly need to achieve more, work harder, win, be perfect and be the best. There is nothing wrong with having goals and dreams. But what drives us makes a lot of difference. Our self-critical and competitive attitudes may drive us to perform better but may actually be standing in our way to lasting fulfillment. Kristin Neff, associate professor of Human Development and Culture at the University of Texas and pioneer of research on self-compassion, proves that self-compassion increases productivity, strength and decreases stress all of which creates a happier employee and a happier company. I combine my 16 years of management and finance from large MNCs with my recent learnings in the space of mindfulness, yoga and play to create an experience ideal for team- building and other organizational events.

Travel Buddy Self-Love Experience

Fortunately, I have had the pleasure of seeing close to 50 countries in all my travels. I took the risk of exploring with people I knew very little, some much younger and some much older. This was a remarkable education. Choose this experience if you know you are ready to change your life. It takes 21 days for new habits to set it. I will travel for 21 days with you and a loved one to a destination agreed by us and create a tailor-made program to ensure you are fully on your path of self-love. If you are looking for a travel buddy as well as a life-changing vacation, Contact Me.

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